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.lumen Opened Nvidia GTC

.lumen was invited to Nvidia GTC, probably the most important tech keynote of 2024. And some amazing things happened.

Highlights from Nvidia GTC:

Opening the Keynote

In front of 11,000 people at the San Jose Convention Center, and millions watching online, .lumen was the first company to be showcased at the start of the keynote. This was a very proud moment for the .lumen team! Our CEO, Cornel Amariei, was in the hall when it happened, and his reaction says it all:

Engaging Booth

Our booth at GTC was visited by over 1,000 people. Virtually at any moment, there were 10+ people asking questions, testing, or watching us. Over 400 people tested the Glasses, yielding some pretty amazing results.

Notable Visitors

Some pretty cool people tested our Glasses, ranging from Nvidia VPs to famous TV personalities. In the next video, you can see Bill Whitaker from CBS News' "60 Minutes" testing the Glasses. Listen to his reaction at the end!

We were deeply honored when California Governor Gavin Newsom dropped by our stand. We spent quite some time talking about the Glasses, .lumen, and how we can help in the region.

Sessions and Podcasts

The Nvidia team also invited us to have both a session and to be part of the AI Podcast. Our CEO talked with the podcast host, and you can listen to it here. Additionally, you can watch our GTC session, "Bringing Advanced AI and Navigation into Smart Glasses that Empower the Blind," here.

Meeting Jensen Huang

Of course, meeting Jensen Huang, the CEO & Founder of Nvidia, was one of the highlights of being there.

Nvidia is one of the most important partners for .lumen, and with their help, we’ve built some pretty amazing things!


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