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.lumen on the map of Health Tech startups in Romania

Updated: Mar 28

Activize and FreshBlood - representative of EIT Health in Romania, have recently created the first Romanian Healthtech Overview Report, which contains around 60 Romanian startups active in the healthcare sector. As a growing startup, .lumen is proud to be showcased in the "Tools for Patients and Families" category.

Romania HealthTech Map creators

Looking at the data, Romania is still in its infancy when it comes to health startups.

"Last year was a bad year for health, but a good year for health innovation. As a country, we are moving forward, but at a very slow pace", says Dr. Ion-Gheorghe Petrovai, co-founder of FreshBlood HealthTech and Director of EIT Health RIS Hub

EIT Health is a non-profit organization of approximately 150 leading companies, universities, research, and development centers, as well as hospitals and medical institutes from all over Europe with a focus on improving healthcare through technology and innovation. Operating via its local representatives, such as FreshBlood HealthTech in Romania, the network encourages and provides feedback, support, mentorship, and exposure to the most promising talents in the field.

Romanian Healthtech Startups Map 2021
The Healthtech Map, which contains around 60 Romanian startups active in the healthtech sector.

The report, divided into 5 operating categories – Tools for the Concerned Individuals, Tools for Patients and Families, Tools for Institutions, Telemedicine Tools and Tools for Healthcare Professionals, is expected to be updated around every 6 months, monitoring the evolution and progress of the included startups.

.lumen, whose CEO and co-founder, Cornel Amariei, is the first Romanian ever inducted into the prestigious Global Business Hall of Fame, was founded in 2020 and creates assistive systems for the blind.

Cornel Amariei, CEO of .lumen, holding the Global Business Hall of Fame award

With the help of advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies and Robotics, .lumen built the first scalable system that mimics the features of a guide dog, aiming to help the 39 million blind individuals worldwide to become navigationally independent and have socially autonomous lives.

The invention measures distances from objects in the surrounding space, being able to contextually understand the world, what each object represents and how it moves, processing and storing information internally to then transmit it using haptic impulses and spatialized sound.

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