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.lumen on techcelerator's Romanian AI startups map

Techcelerator recognizes .lumen as one of Romania's most promising startups in its 100 AI startups: mapping the Romanian landscape report.

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The most powerful startups accelerator in Romania - techcelerator, has the vision to reposition Romania on the world map of leading innovative startups. Powered by Google for Startups, this report aimed to estimate the depth of the Romanian AI landscape, drive AI adoption in the startup ecosystem, and encourage partnerships between AI startups and corporations.

"In this setup, we believe that high-tech startups using AI/ML have a huge potential to rise from Romania and SEE, especially because the space is emergent and having this good adoption from entrepreneurs, we have good chances of competing with the big powers of the world." - Cristian Dascalu, Techcelerator Co-Founder
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We are glad to be part of this report and an innovator in the Romanian AI space. Our mission is to build an assistive system that mimics the main advantages of a guide dog, without the drawbacks that make one a non-scalable option; a solution for the other 39,980,000 blind individuals. Stay tuned to find more details about .lumen by following our social media pages.


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