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.lumen Glasses at CES 2024

Updated: Jul 3

CES 2024 is over and .lumen had an amazing experience! From testing with tens of blind individuals to meeting incredible people and organisations, it was a show like no other.

Some of our highlights at CES 2024:

Testing with Visually Impaired Individuals

We built the .lumen Glasses to help the 300+ million visually impaired individuals worldwide. It was such a pleasure to see people coming from all over the world to test our Glasses. In this video, you can see a blind individual testing the glasses. He was trained for less than a minute, and the video speaks for itself.

Meeting Amazing People

We were honoured to meet His Royal Highness Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau, Prince of the Netherlands. We discussed how to bring .lumen's technology to help the Dutch visually impaired community. It was a great discussion, and we were deeply honoured.

Collaboration with the EIC

We spent time with our great partners at the European Innovation Council (EIC). Being the first from Romania with EIC support changed our lives. At CES, we shared a booth with them and attended numerous private events, meeting a lot of influential people.

Fun with Dassault Systèmes

It was a significant achievement to be part of the Dassault Systèmes 3D Experience Lab. At CES, Dassault invited us to have a second booth with them. Probably the best-placed stand on the floor, we attended many hardware-related events together and had a ton of fun with the little robotic friend they brought.

Media Coverage

We counted over 80 press articles in 27 countries about our work. From being live on CBS to written articles in the Middle East, here are some highlights:

We are grateful for the overwhelming support and interest in our .lumen Glasses at CES 2024. Thank you to everyone who visited us, tested our product, and shared our vision for a more accessible world.



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