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.lumen colleagues among Forbes 30 Under 30

Forbes, the world-famous business magazine, has just announced its Romanian 30 Under 30 list, showcasing 30 top Romanian extraordinary young talents under 30. We are delighted to announce that Elena Pop and Octavian Coca - our .lumen colleagues have been nominated on this list, further adding to Cornel Amariei - CEO, and Mihai Ivascu - Chairman of the Board.

Romanian Forbes Magazine cover of 30 Under 30

Forbes 30 Under 30 is an annual list of high achievers under the age of 30. Initially started in the USA, the top reached Romania in 2012. Since then, each year, a new generation of young talents has been awarded. Cornel Amariei, our CEO, was inducted in 2013, and Mihai Ivascu in 2017. Furthermore, Cornel and Mihai are also part of European 30 under 30.

"We are excited to have Elena and Octavian part of this top, and even more on the cover of the magazine. It's a showcase of our strengths and of the impact we want to bring to the world." - Cornel Amariei, CEO .lumen

Elena leads our industrial design and mechanics team, ensuring that the .lumen glasses work worldwide, in any possible environment. Furthermore, a comfortable fit is an important challenge that Elena's team makes sure is handled properly.

"This award actually marks my one-year anniversary with the .lumen team. It's been quite a ride, a lot of challenges along the way, many inspiring and incredible moments, but also a lot of work. This is definitely a team award and it's an honor to represent the work and passion that goes into the first glasses for the blind" - Elena.
Elena and Octavian

Octavian is leading the software division, ensuring the system understands visual information and that the user receives the correct feedback information. Software is one of the most important aspects of our product because its purpose is not only to process information but also to ensure that the user is safe at all times.

"The .lumen glasses are one of the most ambitious and challenging projects I've ever had the chance to be part of, and this award is only there to emphasize that. Constant innovation is required in order to tackle the issues we encounter at every step, and that wouldn't be possible without a brilliant team of researchers and developers that are not only highly-skilled and proficient in the fields, but also fun to work with and team-players. Knowing that we get to work on something that will soon improve the life of millions is what keeps us pushing forward!" - Octavian
The dotlumen logo

.lumen builds an assistive system that mimics the main advantages of a guide dog, without the drawbacks that make one a non-scalable option.

A solution for the ~40 million blind individuals.

Stay tuned to find more details about .lumen by following our social media pages.


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