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Biggest Clinical Investigation of an Assistive Technology in Romania

The biggest clinical investigation of an assistive technology in Romania has concluded, marking a significant milestone for .lumen and the visually impaired community.

A Collaborative Effort

In collaboration with the National Romanian Blind Association, .lumen conducted the largest clinical investigation of its kind in Romania. This extensive study saw tens of blind individuals from across the country testing the .lumen - Empowering the Blind Glasses.

Real-World Testing

Participants had the opportunity to explore our technology in real-world settings, providing invaluable feedback and experiencing firsthand the capabilities of the .lumen Glasses. The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive, showcasing the impact and potential of our assistive technology.

Exciting Developments

We are thrilled by the results and the feedback gathered during this investigation. This milestone not only validates our efforts but also inspires us to continue improving and expanding our technology to empower more individuals.

System Usability Score

.lumen's ongoing testing campaign offers the PilotKit to blind individuals for extended navigation use with the "Guide Me" function. Participants, averaging 30.3 years old, are recruited based on device availability. User feedback through System Usability Score (SUS) assessments and interviews has led to UX and hardware improvements. Adhering to ISO 14155 standards, .lumen collaborates with an independent Ethical Board for human subject testing. The glasses achieved an impressive 83.65% SUS in October 2023 with 26 diverse participants, a score significantly higher than the industry average of 68, demonstrating groundbreaking usability. This success is endorsed by the Presidents of the Romanian Authority of People with Disabilities and the National Association for the Blind, both of whom have tested and publicly supported the product.

Gratitude and Future Plans

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our partners from the Romanian Blind Association for co-organizing this investigation with us. Their support and collaboration have been instrumental in making this project a success.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue our mission to empower the blind with innovative technology.


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