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.lumen Wins Altice Awards in Portugal

Victory for dotLumen - Empowering the Blind in Portugal!

We are thrilled to announce that .lumen has won the Inclusion category at the Altice Portugal Innovation Award. The jury, led by Ana Figueiredo, CEO of Altice Portugal, recognised our work as the winner in this highly competitive category that promotes impactful startups and awarded us with 20 000 euros.

The Altice Portugal Innovation Award

The Altice Portugal Innovation Award aims to recognize and support innovative projects and startups that have the potential to create significant social impact. Competing against many impressive projects, .lumen stood out for its groundbreaking assistive technology designed to empower the blind.

Recognition and Gratitude

We are proud and humbled by this recognition. Our technology has the potential to help people everywhere, and Portugal is no exception. This award reinforces our commitment to making a difference in the lives of visually impaired individuals around the world.

A Visit to the Romanian Embassy

During our time in Portugal, we also had the opportunity to visit the Romanian Embassy in Lisbon. It was a pleasure to discuss potential synergies between .lumen and the Portuguese market. We are grateful to Adela Condurache-Fedorca for the invitation and the warm welcome.

Thank you to the Altice Portugal Innovation Award for this honor, and to the Romanian Embassy in Lisbon for your support. We look forward to continuing our mission to empower the blind with innovative technology.


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