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.lumen's Award-Winning Glasses Displayed at Singapore's Red Dot Design Museum

The highly esteemed Singapore Red Dot Design Museum has recently unveiled its latest exhibition with a spotlight on the innovative .lumen glasses as they have been honored with the prestigious Red Dot: Luminary award, the highest recognition in Industrial Design.

.lumen participates at the renowned AlchemistX Accelerator
.lumen's Award-Winning Glasses Displayed at Singapore's Red Dot Design Museum

What does this mean for .lumen?

The “Nobel Prize” of industrial design was won by .lumen together with their design partner, Desiro Vision. A historical achivement for Romania, for .lumen, and for industrial design. Among the contenders for this year’s award was Virgin Galactic with their Unity Spaceship, and Canoo with their multi-purpose vehicle. Previous winners include the Google Self-Driving Car.

The Red Dot Design Museum serves as the perfect backdrop for .lumen's groundbreaking achievements. Their exceptional work in industrial design has positioned them as one of the main attractions of the exhibition. The museum is located at the renowned Marina Boulevard, right next to the iconic Marina Bay Sands and the Apple Store Singapore.

This remarkable accomplishment underscores .lumen's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. As visitors explored the exhibition, they were captivated by .lumen's pioneering glasses and their dedication to empowering individuals with disabilities. This recognition not only highlights their exceptional achievements but also serves as an inspiration to designers and innovators globally.

What's next?

.lumen continues to redefine the possibilities of industrial design and remains at the forefront of shaping a more inclusive and accessible future.

Stay tuned.

Exciting times lie ahead for .lumen. Follow us on social media for the latest updates.


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